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We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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More than pure privacy is expected from modern shade blinds. Heat should be reduced, glare prevented and furniture protected from fading. RHODETEC systems and shade films are designed to meet the highest demands. The great advantage of roller blinds compared to window films lies above all in the controllability of the system - energy can be let into the room at the times of day and year when it is desired just like the energy can be blocked when needed to be. Speaking of control: You will find all the usual types of operation at RHODETEC, from cord pulls and the tried and tested chain pull to automated motor control with low-noise tubular motors.

RHODETEC film roller blinds can be easily integrated into any window system. Due to the low thickness of the foil, the space requirement of the roller blinds is minimized. This means that our foil roller blinds do not require large cassettes and the systems can instead be integrated flawlessly into windows and facades. Our technicians and engineers have decades of experience in designing and constructing sun protection systems using shade film and dessins. These solutions have been implemented in the field, particularly for manufacturers of sun protection systems and window manufacturers. Their extensive knowledge and expertise ensure that each solution is tailored to the specific needs of each client, providing the best possible results in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Whether it's a custom design, or a standard product, our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality sun protection solutions, every time.

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Compared to conventional textiles, which are often used in sun protection, our films offer unique advantages. The special properties of the metallised PET films create a combination of advantages that cannot be found in any other sun protection.

RHODETEC shade films and systems - the difference:

  • ✓ maximizing daylight
  • ✓ clear view to the outside
  • ✓ significant savings in cooling and heating energy
  • ✓ excellent return on invest
  • ✓ creation of an optimal glare-free environment
  • ✓ UV-block for precious interior
  • ✓ small and elegant systems



In addition to offering shade films we design shading systems according to the requirements of our partners and customers. Our range of films covers a wide variety of applications. Just get to know our range of sun protection films for systems or ask us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are developers, system providers and manufacturers of innovative and high-quality technical solutions for windows and facades and offer our partners a wide range of sun protection solutions. From the conception of suitable solar shading systems for installation directly in the window profile, to the planning of efficient production, to the delivery of prefabricated films and individual parts, our partners can rely on our plug-and-play systems.

Our solutions are not standards, because we have understood that all our partners have different requirements for functioning sun protection solutions. We are not interested in finding just any solution, but the solution that best fits your requirements. We are guided by this; whether it is R&D, project management or our customer service - our customers' needs are our needs.