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We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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RHODETEC sun protection films can be applied to windows, glazing and skylights.

Our films are self-adhesive and specially designed for retrofitting. They can block more than 80% of the solar radiation that normally enters the building interior through the glazing. This helps to keep building interiors cool and thus significantly reduces the cost of building air conditioning. RHODETEC offers a wide range of interior and exterior window films. In addition to these conventional reflective applications, we offer spectrally highly selective films for interior and exterior use. Our high performance spectrally selective film range combines exceptionally high light transmission, with very strong rejection of solar energy and a neutral appearance. In addition, RHODETEC solar control films block a large proportion of UV radiation, protecting room fixtures from fading.

Our window film range offers:

  • ✓Films for indoor and outdoor use
  • ✓Highly specialised UV protection films
  • ✓Spectrally selective films for maximum daylight penetration
  • ✓Films with particularly efficient heat protection



Interior - UV-protection and design