We are looking forward to your inquiry!
We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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Our employees have decades of experience in the development of sun protection systems. We know the great advantages that sun protection films, for example, bring with them, their areas of application and also their limitations. Through our experience we know what is important. What needs to be taken into account. And what is feasible and what is not.

Whether for windows, skylights, skylight strips, skylights and many other types of windows - we will find a suitable and satisfactory energy-saving, sun protection and glare protection solution for every installation situation. Our systems also cover all common types of operation. Whether manually or by motor via the building control system, we supply the right control system. For the motors, we place great emphasis on durability and low noise emissions, and our manually operated systems are characterised by their legendary ease of operation. 

RHODETEC systems are easy and quick to install, also due to the small amount of components.


Like our systems - processes are designed to run as smooth as possible. So in addition to our products, we also offer complementing services to assist you in the successful market launch of RHODETEC products. You need more than a great product to be successful.

In the end it is people who sell the products. People we aim to inspire with our products. For this to happen it's important to lay the groundwork with teaching the fundamentals of how sun protection films work and about the many benefits of films. We provide you with conclusive sales arguments and prepare your employees for all possible eventualities. From salesman to fitter.

Contact us in regards to further sales materials, we can create product data sheets in your CI, as well as other expressive and effective advertising materials. Our marketing department will support you developing online marketing campaigns with a wide reach.

Shading solutions for window manufacturers

Sun protection solutions can assist window manufacturers in offering their customers a more comprehensive range of products. These solutions can provide a range of benefits, including:

By offering your customers solar shading solutions, you as a window manufacturers can set yourselve apart from your competitors and increase sales potential. These solutions can be adapted to the specific needs of each building and can be seamlessly integrated into existing windows. With solar shading solutions, you can help your customers create more comfortable, energy efficient and visually appealing buildings.

RHODETEC has an extensive range of sun protection films for systems. Simply get to know our range of sun protection films or ask us directly via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!