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We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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A considerable part of the energy consumption of buildings is caused by the necessary cooling. Solar radiation represents the largest part of the unwanted heat input. Therefore, considerable costs can be saved and CO2 emissions reduced if energy improvements are made to buildings. Due to the fact that global warming is progressing and the proportion of air-conditioned buildings is increasing accordingly, topics such as energy improvements to buildings, energy savings and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. The use of heat protection and thermal insulation is a worthwhile investment with excellent returns.


Saving cooling energy is an important means of reducing costs, all the more so with rising energy prices.

But exactly how much cooling energy can be saved in a given period of time? How much money is left over at the end of the calculation? With the help of our calculations and simulations, we have a powerful tool at our disposal to put the true benefits of solar shading into perspective.

With our energy calculations and building simulations, we offer realistic comparisons of the effectiveness of different sun shading systems. We place particular emphasis on comprehensible models and a simple and transparent analysis of the results.



We use special calculation and simulation software for our calculations. With the RHODETEC sun protection films and systems stored, we can thus precisely determine the potential savings in cooling and heating energy.